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I have been working on a book, actually creating a series, targeting children growing up with various types of adversity, whether it be sexual orientation, cultural, special needs, or just being different. My 18 years as a special education teacher coupled with my personal experiences with adoption and raising a gay child has inspired this vision. My hope is to share my experiences and not offend anyone and if I can help or touch just one other person, I will have attained my goal. This all started with my desire to write a non-fiction novel centering on my own very personal mother-daughter conflict but ultimately ending on a beautiful and inspirational note.


Then I grew to realize that there was so much more in my brain that I needed to vent and express (hence the years of no sleep), so this has kind of developed into a forum of my own words, wit, and wisdom surrounding the experiences that I have been exposed to and my feelings and advice tidbits concerning them.


When I feel, I feel deep to a point that I can find myself obsessing over it. Writing has always been a cathartic way for me to deal with the difficult situations I have found myself in, especially in my younger years.


I hope you enjoy my posts, maybe pick up a tip or two, maybe relate to a situation or just put a smile on your face. Come follow me on this journey.

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you!

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