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30 Jun 2019
Free to Be Me

Well here we go…My first step into uncharted territory.  Not gonna lie, I’m a little scared, actually terrified to take this leap.  But my sleep

29 Jun 2019

Words.  Choose wisely.  They do matter.  In light of 2016 where we said goodbye to way too many young and talented people in the entertainment ind

29 Jun 2019
Surviving Holiday Blues

Christmas is a time of joy and magical wonder for many.  But for many it can be a time of sadness and depression caused by the stresses and demands

29 Jun 2019
I Choose Happy

With the holiday season fast approaching,  it’s easy to get wrapped up in the physical and emotional demands required to get through the season

29 Jun 2019
How Do I Love Thee…

If you welcome a diversion from all the negativity and some downright ugliness being spewed all over social media regarding this election and need an

29 Jun 2019
A ‘Perfect’ionist li

This particular blog got moved from pole position #8 to blog post #2, due to the upcoming  election, which makes this topic somewhat relevant. The w